Group Memberships

Group Membership to ODL’s eLibrary is provided for special donors who will receive a registration code to use when registering members of their group.

Similar to how a traditional library functions, membership to ODL’s eLibrary provides you with access to everything available in the eLibrary, including all available electronic resources, on-line support, discounts on ODL resources, and more.

Your membership with the ODL eLibrary doesn’t just provide you with access to quality Christian resources, however. It also allows ODL to provide resources, both in-person and online, to those in poverty-stricken areas free of charge. We are committed to providing free resources to those who lack the funds to do so otherwise, and your partnership helps support us in that venture.

To sign up for a new Group membership please fill in the form information, enter your coupon code and then  click the Sign Up button below.

If you are a returning member please sign in first and then enter the coupon code and click the Sign Up button below.