Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I renew my membership?

Please note that the ODL eLibrary does not auto-renew memberships. In order to renew your membership, please visit our basic membership page.

How do I change my method of payment?
The ODL eLibrary currently processes all transactions via Paypal. For information on how to update the information on your Paypal account, visit

How do I cancel my membership?
Since membership in the ODL eLibrary does not auto-renew, there are no additional steps required to cancel your membership. You will have access to the eLibrary through the rest of your membership year, at the end of which your membership will be automatically canceled.

Technical Support

How do I set up an EBSCO account?
Visit our Set up an EBSCO account page for instructions regarding your EBSCO account.

Help! I’ve forgotten my EBSCO account username and/or password!
For instructions on recovering your EBSCO account username or password, visit

How do I access the eLibrary on my phone and/or android device?
For help accessing the eLibrary on your phone or android device, visit our EBSCO mobile guide.

How do I access the eLibrary from my kindle device?
Unfortunately, the eLibrary does not currently provide access via Amazon Kindle. However, using Amazon’s Send to Kindle options, you can send your saved EBSCO eBook pages in PDF format to any Kindle eReader device or Kindle app on iPhone or Android devices, or read them using Kindle for the Chrome browser. For more information, visit

How do I get help with the EBSCO platform?
For help searching the EBSCOhost eBook Platform, visit our Search the EBSCOhost eBook Platform page.

For more specialized help with the EBSCO platform, visit

Collection Suggestions

Who do I contact if I have a collection suggestion and/or request?
If you have a resource you’d like to recommend for our collection, or a subject that you’re interested in having access to, please let us know using the form on our Contact Page.