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The Open Door Library (ODL) eLibrary has access to over 8000 ebooks on a wide range of topics supporting research and reading related to the  Christian world view. The purpose of the eLibrary is to make useful resources accessible to those in the Church or with an interest in learning more about Jesus Christ. It is our hope that these resources will be used to help people grow in their faith. For over 40 years ODL has helped make Christian books and resources accessible to people world regions with limited access to Christian resources. An eLibrary helps our reach to any person with internet access.

The ODL would like to extend access to anyone that supports the ministry. Please sign up for a membership account and begin access this great collection of resources.

Please note, not all items are “Christian” or even writing by Christians. We have done our best to select titles that fit our users needs and the purpose to help people grow in their faith. We are currently only accessing ebooks on EBSCOhost, and have plans to deliver other resources in the future from other content providers. We welcome suggestions and user input.

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