About the eLibrary

Light bulbWhy have an eLibrary?
For over 40 years, Open Door Libraries (or ODL) has helped make Christian books and resources accessible to people world regions with limited access to Christian resources. Still, because of travel difficultly and the limitations of print resources, there are many in the world that previously could not access one of our libraries (or any library, for that matter). Christian books in English can be hard to acquire when you are in a far part of the world or one that is hostile to Christianity. 

Thanks to technology and the internet, that no longer has to be the case!  ODL’s eLibrary allows us reach any person with internet access. We are now able to offer unique and valuable resources to anyone, regardless of location.

The purpose of the eLibrary is to make useful resources accessible to those in the Church or with an interest in learning more about Jesus Christ. It is our hope that these resources will be used to help people grow in their faith.

Who is the eLibrary for?
The goal of the ODL eLibrary is to make Christian resources available to everyone, regardless of where they’re located. As such, the eLibrary is for:

  • Supporters of ODL
  • Members of an ODL library
  • Members of partner organizations
  • Christians doing ministry in hard-to reach locations
  • Anyone interested in growing in the faith!

How does membership to the eLibrary work?
Think of the eLibrary as you would a traditional library — as a member of the library, you’ll have access to all the resources available to the eLibrary, for as long as you are a library member. Searching for resources on the eLibrary should feel just like searching a normal, modern-day library catalog, except that your search will return web links to electronic books and resources instead of call numbers to find physical books on a shelf.

What resources are available in the eLibrary?

EBSCOhost LogoThe eLibrary currently subscribes to resources on the EBSCOhost eBook platform, which is used by academic and public libraries across the globe. ODL’s hope is to expand the eLibrary to include other content providers in the future, allowing us to provide even more quality resources to those who need them most.

At the present, the eLibrary contains over 8,000 ebooks. These are not open access, public domain, or free online books – the eLibrary’s resources are unavailable elsewhere without subscription or purchase. Many of the resources come from mainline Christian publishers, including Eerdmans, Broadman & Holman, Baker Academic, IVP Books, Harvest House, David C. Cook, and more!

Please note: not all items are “Christian” or written by Christians. We have done our best to select titles that fit our users needs and the purpose to help people grow in their faith. We welcome suggestions and user input.

How are the eLibrary resources accessed?
The EBSCOhost eBook platform used by the eLibrary is accessible by the majority of web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox,  Chrome, Safari. The eBook platform can also be accessed on most mobile devices.

Unfortunately, please note that, at this time, access to the EBSCOhost eBook platform is not available on Amazon Kindle devices.

How do I get started?
Sign up for a membership today. We have individual memberships available, as well as the opportunity for organizations to partner with us.

Why should I support the ODL eLibrary?
Your membership with the ODL eLibrary doesn’t just provide you with access to quality Christian resources. It also allows ODL to provide resources, both in-person and online, to those in poverty-stricken areas free of charge. We are committed to providing free resources to those who lack the funds to do so otherwise, and your partnership helps support us in that venture.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. Who can I contact for help?
Still need to contact us? Send us your comments. We’re here to help!