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Making Quality Christian Resources Accessible to Anyone.

Willard Black, Founder of ODL

The Open Door Library (ODL) eLibrary is the electronic branch of Open Door Libraries, a ministry committed to providing quality Christian resources to those in desperate need of them. In 1975, Willard Black founded Institute for Christian Resources (ICR). Willard’s desire was to provide practical resources to help people apply scripture to their lives and relationships, with a focus on marriage and parenting. In 2011, ICR changed its name to Open Door Libraries to more accurately reflect the mission of the ministry. Today ODL has three thriving libraries in Berlin, Prague and Budapest. For more information on ODL, visit our parent website at

For over 40 years, ODL has helped make Christian books and resources accessible to people world regions with limited access to Christian resources. The eLibrary is the natural extension of ODL’s ministry, as it helps ODL extend its reach to any person with internet access. The ODL eLibrary has access to over 8,000 ebooks on a wide range of topics supporting research and reading related to the  Christian world view. The purpose of the eLibrary is to make useful resources accessible to those in the Church or with an interest in learning more about Jesus Christ. It is our hope that these resources will be used to help people grow in their faith.